NEEWER 1.25" Telescope Moon Filter CPL Filter & 5 Color Filters

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  • Moon and Skyglow Filter- It cuts down glare and brings out much more surface detail and gives you better contrast.
  • CPL Filter- It filters out scattered light, enables you to cut through reflections and see the detail behind it. It tones down the brightness of the lunar surface so you can enjoy the optimized contrast of the moon.
  • 5 Color Filters- Includes Red Filter, Orange Filter, Yellow Filter, Green Filter, and Blue Filter.
  • Red Filter- Used in large telescopes, it sharpens boundaries and increases contrast on Mars, sharpens belt contrast on Jupiter, and brings out surface detail on Saturn.
  • Orange Filter- It helps increase the contrast between light and dark areas, penetrates clouds, and assists in detecting dust storms on Mars. It also helps bring out the Great Red Spot and sharpen contrast on Jupiter.
  • Yellow Filter- It helps in viewing Mars by bringing out the polar ice caps, enhancing blue clouds in the atmosphere, increasing contrast, and brightening desert regions. It also enhances red and orange features on Jupiter and Saturn and darkens the blue festoons near Jupiter's equator.
  • Green Filter- It enhances frost patches, surface fogs, and polar projections on Mars, the ring system on Saturn, belts on Jupiter and works as a general-purpose filter when viewing the Moon.
  • Blue Filter- It provides detail in atmospheric clouds on Mars, increases contrast on the moon, brings out detail in belts and polar features on Saturn, enhances contrast on Jupiter's bright areas and cloud boundaries. It also helps split the binary star Antares when at maximum separation.

    Package Contents

    • 1 x Moon and Skyglow Filter
    • 1 x CPL Filter
    • 5 x Color Filters(Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue)


    1. The telescope is not included.
    2. The set includes a Moon and Skyglow Filter, a CPL Filter and 5 Color Filters(Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue).