1.Unleashing Artistic and Commercial Potential: The All-in-One 360 Photo Booth Kit

The NEEWER 360 Photo Booth Kit is a game-changer for content creators, YouTube stars, and TikTok enthusiasts. This all-inclusive kit combines a 100cm/39.4" 360° Spin, customizable image cover, RGB LED strip, and an advanced RGB 18” ring light with smart APP control. Tailored for 1-3 people or objects, it opens up avenues for creating mesmerizing 360° shots, HD slow-motion videos, captivating GIFs, and engaging content that takes your artistic and commercial ventures to new heights.

Designed for versatility, this photo booth kit seamlessly integrates into various creative processes, making it a must-have tool for those who seek innovation in their visual storytelling.

2.Radiant RGB 18” Ring Light: Setting the Stage for Dynamic Illumination

At the heart of the NEEWER 360 Photo Booth Kit lies the powerful RGB18 (II) 18” ring light, offering exceptional 360° full-color illumination with a 180° adjustable tilt. Boasting six dimming modes, including CCT/HSI/RGB/Picker/FX/FX Music, this ring light is a powerhouse of dynamic lighting effects. With an adjustable color temperature range of 2500K to 10000K and a high CRI97+, it is the perfect companion for multi-person fill light needs.

The Bluetooth remote control functionality via the NEEWER app enhances its usability, allowing creators to effortlessly control and customize their lighting setup for the desired visual impact.

3.Smart APP Control for Unmatched Flexibility: Tailor Your Light Environment

Elevating the user experience, the NEEWER app empowers creators with seamless control over the light strip effects, 36,000 HSI light color combinations, and 30 preset light effects. Personalizing rotating settings on your smartphone becomes a breeze as you select rotation direction, speed levels, and rotation times to achieve diverse and captivating shooting effects.

The intelligent app control transforms the NEEWER 360 Photo Booth Kit into a dynamic tool that adapts to the unique vision and creativity of each content creator.

4.Flexible Height & Multi-Device Mounting: Capture Every Angle with Ease

The photo booth kit is designed for versatility in capturing content from every angle effortlessly. The adjustable light stand, ranging from 24.4” to 78.7” (62-200cm), offers three sections for flexible height adjustments. Coupled with the ring light's 180° tilt, creators can achieve multiple-angle shooting with utmost ease.

The inclusion of accessories like phone/tablet holders and super clamps further enhances the kit's capabilities, allowing for simultaneous recording of multiple devices. Whether it's short videos, live streaming sessions, or content creation marathons, the NEEWER 360 Photo Booth Kit adapts to diverse needs.

5.Silent Operation & Robust Turntable: Stability Meets Performance

The NEEWER R360 Photo Booth boasts high-quality power gear sets for super low noise during rotation, ensuring a silent and uninterrupted shooting experience. The thick all-metal construction of the turntable ensures robustness and a remarkable load-bearing capacity, supporting a maximum static load of 800lb (360kg). This stability makes it an ideal pivot point for high-speed rotation of the light stand, delivering exceptional performance and reliability.