1. Tailored Brilliance: Exclusively Designed for PL60C RGB LED Light Panel

The Softbox Diffuser for PL60C RGB LED Video Light Panel is a bespoke accessory meticulously crafted for compatibility with NEEWER's PL60C RGB LED video light panels. It serves as the perfect companion for a myriad of photography and videography applications, including portraits, product photography, beauty and fashion shoots, weddings, and YouTube videos.

2. Effortless Setup: No Barndoors Removal Required

Experience the ease of setup with this softbox diffuser, eliminating the need to remove the barndoors before installation. Designed for seamless integration, it can be attached directly inside the barn doors. What's more, the upgraded version comes equipped with an integrated blackout hood on the outer edge, ensuring a light-tight environment that prevents any undesirable light leakage, rendering additional installations redundant.

3. Enhanced Stability: Secure Attachment for Uninterrupted Shooting

Upgrade your shooting experience with the Softbox Diffuser's advanced securing mechanism. The durable elastic straps, complemented by buckles and hook & loop fasteners, provide a secure and snug fit around the light panel and its four-way barndoors. This innovative design prevents any unwanted shifting during use, delivering stability that elevates your creative process.

4. Artful Lighting Control: Diffuser, Grid, and Silver Internal Surface

Delve into the realm of artistic lighting control with the Softbox Diffuser's features. The highly reflective and evenly coated silver internal surface enhances light diffusion while preserving color accuracy. The included white diffuser adds a soft touch by minimizing harsh glare and eliminating unwanted shadows. The honeycomb grid, a valuable addition, focuses light to achieve a soft yet well-defined portrait lighting effect, granting you unparalleled directional control over the output.

5. Portability Redefined: Foldable Design for On-the-Go Creativity

Crafted with the photographer's mobility in mind, the Softbox Diffuser is designed to be foldable and portable, facilitating outdoor shooting. With dimensions of 17.7" x 5.9" x 1.6" (45 x 15 x 4cm) and weighing a mere 1.8lb (826g), this square softbox can be effortlessly carried in the included carrying bag. Unleash your creativity on the go, confident in the knowledge that your lighting setup is both convenient and versatile.