In the ever-evolving landscape of photography, where precision meets innovation, the Vision5 400W 2.4G TTL strobe emerges as a beacon of excellence. Tailored for Canon enthusiasts, this outdoor studio flash strobe light seamlessly integrates advanced features, compatibility, and robust design. Let's delve into the quintessential aspects that make the Vision5 a game-changer in the realm of outdoor photography.

Broad Compatibility: The Canon Maestro

The Vision5 stands as a testament to versatility with its compatibility across a spectrum of Canon cameras, including the EOS series such as 850D, 800D, 750D, 7D Mark II, 5D Mark IV, and many more. Designed to keep pace with technological advancements, it supports USB firmware updates, ensuring that photographers can harness the latest features and functionalities seamlessly.

All-in-One Outdoor Strobe: Crafting Brilliance in Every Frame

With a formidable flash power of 400Ws and an impressive guide number of 68 (2m, ISO 100), the Vision5 becomes an all-encompassing solution for outdoor studio lighting. It offers a myriad of features, including TTL/Manual/Multi flash modes, High-Speed Sync (up to 1/8000s), Flash Exposure Compensation, a 13W modeling lamp, and First/Second Curtain Sync. The color temperature stability at 5600K (±200K) ensures consistent and true-to-life visuals.

Built-in 2.4GHz System: A Symphony of Wireless Control

The inclusion of the VC-818TX 2.4GHz trigger enhances the Vision5's capabilities, providing compatibility with Canon cameras equipped with E-TTL or E-TTL II flash metering. This system supports 8 channels and 3 groups, offering photographers a remote control distance of up to 262’/80m. This wireless system elevates the user experience, making outdoor photography more dynamic and efficient.

Powerful Strobe: Unleashing Creativity Beyond Limits

The Vision5 is not just a strobe; it's a powerhouse designed for the rigors of outdoor shooting. The professional 12V 6000mAh lithium battery pack ensures a whopping 500 full-power flashes. With a recycling time ranging from 0.01 to 2.8 seconds, a flash duration from 1/650 to 1/10000 seconds, and an 8 f-stop power adjustment (1/1 to 1/128), this strobe empowers photographers to capture up to 20 flashes in Multi flash mode, catering to diverse outdoor scenarios.

Bowens Mount: Tailoring Light to Your Vision

The Vision5 seamlessly integrates into your existing lighting setup with its Bowens mount compatibility. Whether it's a reflector, softbox, or beauty dish, the Vision5 adapts effortlessly to various Bowens mount accessories. The included mounting bracket facilitates a 180° beam angle adjustment, offering unparalleled control. It features a bottom hole for mounting on a light stand and an umbrella mounting hole, transforming into a convenient handle for portable use—a testament to its adaptability in the ever-changing outdoor photography landscape.