A small space with unique atmosphere and flexible use of full- color high rendering light is import for those who work online.

Whether it's fill light for people or product photography, NEEWER VL66CRGB LED light the perfect little light.

Strong and lightweight

This RGB fill light is much lighter than a phone, easy to store and does not take up any space. Do both light and surging, to meet your lighting needs at anytime and anywhere.

Various installation forms to provide strong compatibility

The VL66C fill light comes with a detachable front clip and back clip. The front clip is equipped with a lens hole, allowing the VL66C to be fixed to the front camera of a laptop or cell phone, and supports flexible adjustment of the light body irradiation angle. The VL66C can be fixed to the back of a cell phone as an auxiliary light source for the rear camera through the back clip. With built-in universal 1/4 screw holes at both ends of the back clip, makes this light highly compatible and can meet the needs of different occasions.

Therefore, whether facing cell phone, computer live or cell phone, camera photography, VL66C has a convenient installation and perfect brightness supplement effect. The following continues to introduce the VL66C with three major dimming modes.


CCT color temperature mode

Through the panel plus and minus buttons can be brightness 1-100% adjustment and color temperature 2500K-8500K range adjustment. The wide range of color temperature adjustment, even if you are in the environment "color change", you can also re-envision the environment "color. You can restore the correct color temperature environment in the eyes of the photographer, which can better fit the anchor skin tone or object tone, bring better visual. This brings better visual perception and enhancing the eye-catching effect of the product and anchor.

HSI color light mode

For game anchors or creative shooters, RGB full color light effect is essential to make the environment more ambient, VL66C long press the function button to switch to HSI color light mode, this mode can combine a total of 36000 colors, color rendering index CRI of more than 97!

FX scenario light effect mode

FX scene lighting effects can also present viewers with a more dazzling picture, while providing unlimited room for creativity. There are 20 built-in scene simulations, such as police cars, lightning, parties and fireworks, etc. There is no need to manually adjust the color, you can directly use these scene modes for shooting. This makes shooting some reproduction shots and special weather atmosphere, effortlessly at your fingertips.

Always be aware of the power level

The battery life has always been the most important concern of photographers, especially lighting equipment. 2000mAh lithium battery built into the VL66C, full brightness lasts 120 minutes, longer than a live broadcast or meeting time. Back display value at a glance, the USB charging method also has a high degree of ease of use.

Have you wondered why home lighting cannot achieve the effect of professional fill light? The answer is because the light irradiated by household fluorescent lamps will appear obvious. Streak-like, unstable strobe, inaccurate color temperature (purple or blue), weak finger performance, and insufficient brightness.
VL66C professional LED fill light has built-in driver chip and high-quality lamp beads, high power brightness, stable light source without strobe glare, and high color rendering index, with brightness, color temperature, full color controllable, etc., can give you a professional fill light.