When natural light is not enough to meet a photographer’s needs, they may consider using an analog light to enhance creative technique, because the key core of photography is light.

The advantages of overhead flash

    • The overhead flash is an outstanding representative of analog light source and occupies a prominent position in shooting.
    • Flash is basically divided into three categories according to power and volume: dome light, exterior light, and studio flash. Compared with other flashes, the advantage of the dome light how small the light is, light-weight and easy to carry.  The fill light can be inserted on the camera to use directly or can be used off camera flash.

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing a dome light?

  • Flash amount

The difference between different types of flash is mainly the amount of flash.  If you can flexibly adjust the intensity of the flash, this makes a more conducive to diversified performance. The recommended dome light is not only the maximum amount of flash but is much larger than the built-in flash.  For different ambient light conditions, the flash output is supported between 1/1-1/128 adjustment, 1/1 is the maximum brightness of the full light output, 1/128 output brightness minimum.

  • Function

Today's flash function is very powerful, some not only can achieve high-speed synchronization, front / rear curtain synchronization flash, but also have a strobe, multi-lamp flash, etc., which can be purchased on demand.

  • Performance

The universal dome light is compatible with cameras that have TTL function.  The light is also highly adaptable and suitable for SLR cameras with standard hot shoe in various brands.


Neewer’s powerful and fully functional dome lights

The most representative dome light recommendations
  • The Z1-C /N/S (compatible with Canon/Nikon/Sony cameras)
  • NW665-C (compatible with Canon cameras)
The two dome lights are equipped with TTL automatic / M manual (S1 / S2 light-controlled flash) / strobe flash mode and flash exposure compensation function. The TTL mode is friendly to newcomers. This mode automatically meters the light according to the environment and determines the amount of flash when shooting.


Supports HSS high-speed synchronization as fast as 1/8000s, outdoor shooting to help reduce the light ratio, darken the sky, accurate restoration of sky details; also supports front and rear curtain synchronization, easy to achieve creative photography.


Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, lithium battery has the advantage of fast return speed, high endurance (1 lithium battery capacity equivalent to 15 rechargeable batteries).

Lithium battery design is important for outdoor photographers, faster recharge speed and flash duration to capture more exciting moments in the high-speed picture, Z1 and NW665 recharge speed of about 1.5 seconds, flash duration can be as high as 1/20,000 seconds, greatly improving the shooting speed and efficiency.

Neewer 2.4GHz wireless Q system, send and receive as one, control light more freely, in the multi-camera joint flash, can be used as the master/slave flash, transmission range of up to 100 meters, support for switching channels, IDs and groups, effectively avoid signal interference. Separate purchase QPro-C / N / S flash trigger, user-friendly remote control and trigger a single or multiple dome light, greatly expanding the creative possibilities of photography.


It is worth mentioning that the Z1 is designed with a round light head, projecting a spot of light from the center to the edge of an even transition, creates a soft round light effect like a studio. Additional LED modeling lights are easy to preset and instantly observe the light effect. When shooting in a dark environment, you can quickly focus and save shooting time.

All in all, the Neewer Z1 and NW665 are good choices when it comes to travel photography, portrait photography, wedding follow-up, and creative shooting.


If you want a cost-effective dome light, consider the NW635II-C/N/S (compatible with Canon/Nikon/Sony cameras, respectively).

Lightweight and portable, weighing only 400g, it also features TTL auto/M manual (S1/S2 light-controlled flash)/strobe flash mode and flash exposure compensation. 3.5 seconds of recharge time and up to 1/20,000 seconds of flash duration allow you to capture every moment.

The NW635II is powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries (sold separately) or 4 NiMH batteries (sold separately). When working outdoors, all you need is a full supply of batteries, and the NW635II is ready to keep shooting anywhere.

If you want a lighter, more portable, easy-to-use dome light, consider the general-purpose dome light NW600.

The NW600 dome light weighs only 360 grams and supports M manual flash mode (S1/S2 light-controlled flash mode), making it more lightweight, portable and easy to use. Powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries or 4 NiMH batteries, just replace the batteries, working status is always online, providing about 0.1-5 seconds of recharge time and flash duration of 1/20000 seconds, to meet your creative shooting.

Single-touch hot shoe design makes the NW600 widely compatible, can be used with SLR, but also suitable for all types of micro-single cameras, compact and lightweight combination of no sense of contradiction.

Note: Compatible with Canon / Nikon / Panasonic / Olympus / Pentax / Fujifilm, also compatible with Sony MI hot shoe (A9, A7 RIV/III/II, A7SII, A6600, A6500, A6400, A6300, A6000) SLR and micro-single cameras. Not compatible with Canon EOS Rebel SL3/250D, Rebel T7/1500D/2000D, Rebel T100/3000D/4000D.