CM22 Wireless Lavalier Microphone

Video and live streaming have become the mainstream content form of new media. To stand out, in addition to beautiful images, quality sound is the key to enhance your overall performance and content quality.
With so many microphone products on the market, creators must choose the right one for them. A lightweight and portable microphone with excellent sound quality is great, but also needing it to be multi-functional and easy to operate to facilitate the collection of sound is incredibly useful.
The above needs can be met by the new CM22 without line collar clip microphone by NEEWER.

The choice of light radio, easy to execute trips

The CM22 comes with a charging compartment for storage and power supply, providing a high degree of portability. The transmitter weighs only twenty-six grams with a simple and stylish design that can be easily hidden within the collar of clothing.

Telephoto radio, far but transmission distance

An image speaks a thousand words, but what if you want to include your own and at a distance? How do you provide it? The CM22 adopts 2.4G digital frequency hopping and wireless technology. The signal is stable and constant, and the transmission distance is up to 150 meters.

Long Lasting

The CM22 transmitter and receiver can last up to 7 hours in a single session, supports Type-C interface power supply, and is equipped with a charging compartment with a built-in 3000mAh lithium battery, which can inductively charge the entire wireless system twice. Another charging compartment also supports Type-C interface or electromagnetic induction two charging solutions to help efficient battery life, can accompany you from early morning shooting to dusk and night embrace the moment.

Great to use outside

The microphone can be used outdoors, without the worry of picking up louder and unwanted sound sources.

Real-time monitoring to give you more peace of mind

The wireless system contains two transmitters, and one receiver can help you record the sound of two people at the same time.  Whether you choose to facilitate the film mono mode or choose to facilitate the sound to do post-editing stereo mode, you can switch at will. And through the receiver on the monitoring hole, so that photographers can monitor the radio situation in real time, more secure and reliable shooting.

Device connections

The CM22 receiver is compatible with 3.5mm and USB interface devices, with strong compatibility, supports the connection of cameras, cell phones, computers, cameras, mixers and other devices.

With automatic pairing, this greatly reduces the preparation time for audio recording CM22.  Whether short video recording, live, or Vlog shooting, interviews, commentary, store visits and other scenarios, CM22 can respond at any time.

This microphone can be your partner in content creation and improve the sound quality of your work.