1.Advanced Connectivity Options: Seamlessly Control Your Lighting Setup

The GL1C RGB LED Streaming Light offers versatile connectivity with three distinct options: 2.4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Users can download the 'NEEWER Control Center' software on their PC/MAC for 2.4G or WiFi connectivity without the need for a network. The 2.4G USB transmitter facilitates group control of multiple NEEWER 2.4G lights, including GL1 PRO, CL124, RP18H, NL660/480. Additionally, the light supports Bluetooth connectivity, enabling convenient smartphone control through the 'NEEWER' App.

Whether you prefer the stability of 2.4G, the flexibility of WiFi, or the convenience of Bluetooth, the GL1C ensures a seamless connection experience.

2.Integration with Elgato Stream Deck: Effortless Lighting Control During Streaming

Elevate your streaming experience with the GL1C's compatibility with the Elgato Stream Deck. By downloading the 'NEEWER Live' plugin from the Stream Deck platform and connecting it to the 'NEEWER Control Center,' users gain effortless control over brightness, color temperatures, scene effects customization, and preset launches with a single click. This integration allows gamers and streamers to manage their lighting setup seamlessly without disrupting their gaming or streaming flow.

Note: Powering on the GL1C is a breeze—simply long-press the power button for 3 seconds.

3.Edge Emitting Soft Illumination: A Visual Feast with Comfortable Lighting

With 48W power, 144 LED bulbs, and edge-emitting technology, the GL1C streaming light produces soft illumination without flickers. Boasting a maximum illuminance of 4300lux/0.5m, this light ensures a well-lit environment for your streaming sessions. The high CRI 97+ guarantees accurate color reproduction, creating visually appealing content with comfortable lighting for the eyes.

4.Full Colors Touch Bar & 18 Special Scenes: Creative Control at Your Fingertips

The GL1C is equipped with an intuitive control panel, featuring a full-color touch bar for seamless adjustments. In RGBWW light mixing mode, users can fine-tune color temperatures from 2900K to 7000K and perform ±50 GM color correction. The HSI mode allows independent adjustments of hues, saturation, and intensity, offering an extensive palette of 36000 colors. The light also comes with 18 FX scene effects, including a Music Sync mode that synchronizes the lighting with rhythms.

The upgraded touch bar enables color pickup with a glide of the finger, and Color Picker is supported in the 'NEEWER' app for added convenience.

5.Innovative Design & Desk Stand Inclusion: Aesthetic Appeal with Practicality

The GL1C features a fanless design, incorporating a thermally conductive aluminum alloy outer shell with vents for effective heat dissipation. This innovative design ensures silent operation, allowing creators to focus on their content without distractions. The included desk clamp stand with a ball head adapter is a practical addition, enabling users to secure the GL1C on the desk edge for space-saving mounting. The stand allows for easy height and angle adjustments, providing a customizable setup to meet individual preferences.

With dimensions of 15"x9.1"x1.6" and a weight of 3.3lb, the GL1C strikes the perfect balance between portability and performance.