1. Professional Shoulder Rig for Videography Mastery

Unlock the full potential of your DSLR camera or camcorder with the Neewer SR101 Camera Shoulder Rig Kit, designed to transform your filmmaking experience. Whether you prefer the ease of resting it on your shoulder or the flexibility of holding it with the top handle for low-angle shots, this shoulder rig offers versatility that caters to various shooting styles. The 15mm rods connect all components seamlessly, and the 60mm-gauge rod rails allow you to adjust their positions effortlessly, providing a solid foundation for professional videography.

2. Universal Baseplate for Seamless Compatibility

The SR101's universal baseplate makes it compatible with DSLR cameras, video cameras, and camcorders through its 1/4” and 3/8” mounting threads. The quick-release plate ensures swift camera mounting, while the built-in bubble level guarantees precise horizontal composition. This feature-rich baseplate lays the groundwork for a seamless and hassle-free setup, allowing you to focus on capturing stunning visuals without the fuss.

3. Matte Box & Follow Focus for Precision Filmmaking

Enhance the quality of your footage with the included matte box, accommodating lenses ranging from 43–77mm in diameter. The three flags efficiently block excessive light and prevent lens glare, resulting in clear and sharp visuals. The follow focus feature empowers you to achieve smooth and accurate focus adjustments with just one hand, adding a layer of precision to your videography endeavors.

4. Comfortable Handgrips & Shoulder Pad for Extended Use

Videography often demands prolonged shooting sessions, and the SR101 caters to this with its anti-slip dual handgrips. These handgrips provide a secure and comfortable hold, ensuring stability while capturing moving subjects. Additionally, the soft rubber shoulder pad minimizes muscle strains, offering a comfortable filming experience even during extended shoots. The ergonomic design prioritizes your comfort without compromising on performance.

5. Accessorize the Setup for Ultimate Versatility

Take your filmmaking to the next level by accessorizing the SR101 Shoulder Rig Kit. The multiple 1/4” and 3/8” female threads integrated into the rig allow you to customize your setup with various devices. Attach microphones, monitors, flash strobes, LED video lights, and more to tailor the rig to your specific filmmaking needs. This adaptability ensures that you have the tools at your disposal to create professional-grade videos effortlessly.