Unparalleled Stability with Robust Stainless Steel Construction

The 320cm Stainless Steel C Stand stands tall as a testament to durability and stability in the world of photography equipment. Crafted from 100% robust stainless steel, this heavy-duty light stand is designed to handle the mounting of various photography gear with exceptional stability. Strobes, moonlights, reflectors, softboxes, umbrellas, and more find a reliable support system in this C stand. The stainless steel construction ensures longevity and resilience, making it an indispensable companion for photographers seeking uncompromised reliability in their setups.

Adjustable Height and Extension Arm for Versatile Setups

Experience unparalleled versatility with the adjustable height and extension arm of the 320cm C Stand. The center column, equipped with three sections, offers an adjustable height ranging from 4.8ft to 10.5ft (146cm to 320cm). The foam grip on the center column prevents slipping during transit, providing added convenience. The 4.2ft (128cm) extension arm, featuring 1/4” and 3/8” mounting screws on both ends, is compatible with a wide range of photography equipment, offering endless possibilities for creative setups.

Metal Grip Heads for Secure Locking and Flexible Adjustments

The C Stand comes equipped with metal grip heads that play a pivotal role in securing the extension arm with a firm grip. These grip heads ensure stability while allowing for flexible angle adjustments, catering to the dynamic needs of your photography sessions. The inclusion of four holes in each grip head facilitates the fastening of rods, arms, and umbrella shafts with varying diameters, offering a versatile solution for diverse equipment setups.

Foldable Turtle Base for Stability and Space-Saving Storage

The innovative foldable turtle base is a standout feature of the 320cm Stainless Steel C Stand, providing a stable foundation for your photography gear. Nonslip pads on the turtle base offer additional stability and allow for the placement of sandbags (not included) without scratching the floor. The legs of the C Stand are designed to be folded flat, enabling space-saving storage when not in use. This thoughtful design ensures that your equipment is not only secure during operation but also easy to store and transport.

Inner Buffer Spring for Impact Reduction

The 320cm Stainless Steel C Stand goes above and beyond by incorporating an inner buffer spring, a feature designed to mitigate the impact caused by sudden drops. This safeguard ensures the longevity of your equipment by reducing the risk of damage from accidental impacts. With this protective mechanism in place, photographers can work with confidence, knowing that their valuable gear is supported by a stand that prioritizes both stability and resilience.