The beauty industry has remained enduring, while the live streaming industry is increasingly prevalent. When it comes to beauty live streaming, many people are familiar with it. If we observe closely, we can easily notice that there is a high appearance rate of a particular product in these two industries, and that is the esthetician fill light! With the support of an esthetician light, beauty and makeup are naturally restored, eyebrows and eyelashes look finely detailed and beautiful, anchors appear more camera-friendly, and products become more captivating.

Common beauty streaming esthetician lights come in two types: ring lights and flexible arm lights. However, their uniform designs can often lead to visual fatigue. To break free from this limitation, NEEWER has introduced a new type of fill light—the Flexible Bracket Double-Headed Lash Light. This innovative fill light breaks the barrier of a single shape and offers a unique and professional lighting experience with upgraded functions.

Eye Catching: The Stylish Control Panel
The control panel of the esthetician light, designed in the shape of a "mirrorless camera," combines aesthetics and functions flawlessly. Its high-definition display captures every detail of the light parameters, ensuring precise control. Just like adjusting a camera lens, the panel knob provides accurate adjustments, delivering a high-quality and unique lighting experience. With touch control, it offers convenience and ease, allowing your fingertips to seamlessly interact with the control console.
Split in Two: Independent Control of Single Light Head or Dual Heads
Unlike regular dual head beauty streaming lights, the BH40B-A allows for separate or simultaneous control of the left and right light heads. This means that one light can be used by multiple people simultaneously or cater to different lighting needs in two different scenarios at the same time.

For instance, in the beauty and nail industry, this light can support two individuals working simultaneously, reducing lighting costs. In selfie live streaming scenarios, the left and right light heads can be set to different brightness or color temperatures, creating various shading effects on the face and achieving superior shooting results. Additionally, for on-location makeup, multiple makeup artists can work simultaneously, reducing the number of equipment required and providing different lighting effects for makeup on different skin tones.

Natural Lighting: Color Temperature Adjustable High-Quality LEDs

The beauty and live streaming industries strive for professional lighting that replicates natural light for an authentic and captivating experience. Natural light adds a sense of authenticity to beauty, eyelash, tattoo applications, and live recordings, creating a closer connection between subjects and viewers.
The BH40B-A offers adjustable color temperature (3200K-5600K) and precise brightness control (0%-100% in 1% increments). With 210 high-quality LEDs, it provides a constant 36W output and a maximum illuminance of 5200Lx at 0.5m. The soft light is gentle on the eyes and creates a superior natural light source for beauty, eyelash, nail art, tattoo applications, or live recordings.
Flexible Light Distribution: 360° Flexible Arm LED light

Flexibility in lighting is crucial for fill lights. Users value the ability to adjust the lighting angle and position, in addition to brightness and color temperature. When using fill lights in beauty or live streaming, it is often necessary to flexibly adjust the lighting position to achieve a more accurate fill light effect. The flexible soft tube arm and light stand can well meet this demand.
The BH40B-A dual head light features two flexible tube arms that allow for 360° adjustment of the light head angle. Paired with an adjustable light stand, it offers flexible lighting distribution in terms of both angle and height.
Intelligent Light Control: 2.4G Remote Control & USB PC/MAC Dongle

Convenient light control is essential for efficient lighting management. In the case of beauty streaming lights, they can often be controlled through the light body's control panel. However, NEEWER's dual head esthetician light goes a step further with its intelligent light control options. It comes equipped with a 2.4G remote control and a computer dongle for seamless control. This eliminates the need for close proximity adjustments during live streams, providing a hassle-free and efficient lighting control experience.
Therefore, remote control provides great convenience for light control. In addition to panel control, the BH40B-A also offers two remote control options: 2.4G remote control and computer remote control.
Additional Features: Phone Holder & Reverse Charging
In addition to its lighting function, having other expanded features in beauty streaming lights can often be a bonus, enhancing user comfort and satisfaction. The BH40B-A dual head light offers two additional features that add value.It comes with a flexible and adjustable phone holder, suitable for most smartphones, allowing for horizontal, vertical, and 360° adjustments.The light is equipped with a USB output charging port on the back, enabling phone charging via a USB cable to meet the needs of long-term recording or work. The NEEWER BH40B-A dual head lash light with its powerful functionality and aesthetic appeal is an excellent choice for beauty streaming light, making your lighting setup easier and more remarkable.
July 03, 2023

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