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The saying goes, "Photography is to draw with light." We supply various artificial light sources for photographers who create freely even in darkness, and the flash is undoubtedly essential for supplemental lighting. Mastering the use of a flash can greatly improve the quality of photos. However, using a flash effectively is not a simple task. It requires not only lighting skills and photography expertise but also closely relates to the performance of the lighting equipment itself.
The upgraded NEEWER NW420 on-camera flash is a great choice for both photography enthusiasts and professional photographers. It supports TTL automatic metering and offers additional flash functions such as manual mode, stroboscopic flash, and high-speed sync. With this compact flash, you can enter the world of light and effortlessly capture high-quality shots.

(NEEWER NW420 On-Camera Flash)


  • Compact for One-Hand Grip
With its compact size (150*64*39mm) and weighing only 200g, this lightweight and portable on-camera flash is perfect for outdoor shooting and fast-paced photography, especially when paired with mirror-less cameras.
  • TTL Automatic Metering
It features a user-friendly TTL automatic flash mode. The guide number of 36 (at ISO 100, 105mm) supports stable flash output, while the camera metering system detects the reflected flash illumination from the subject, ensuring accurate light control even in complex lighting situations. Exposure compensation can also be adjusted within ±3 stops in 1/3-stop increments.

(±3 Stops of Exposure Compensation Adjustment)

  • High-Speed Strobe
The maximum flash duration can reach 1/20000 second, and the maximum stroboscopic frequency is 90 times at 90Hz, with a recycle time of approximately 0.1-2.2 seconds. By utilizing stroboscopic flash, you can achieve effects similar to multiple exposures, capturing moments that are usually unobservable.
  • HSS (High-Speed Sync)
It supports high-speed sync mode up to 1/8000s. This mode is useful in sports photography or when a flash is further required while a high shutter speed is already used. It can also be used in bright outdoor environments to balance flash and ambient light.


  • Front and Rear Curtain Sync

It offers two modes of slow sync flash, enabling exposure both before and after the slow shutter speed, resulting in motion blur or freeze frame effects, commonly used for capturing motion or nighttime vehicles.

  • Manual Flash/Light Control Mode

In manual mode, you can finely adjust the flash output from 1/128 power to full power, ensuring accurate and stable light output, and the knob allows for smooth and precise adjustments. S1/S2 optical control modes are available when used as secondary lights, utilizing the anti-preflash function and creating various lighting effects.

  • 24~105mm Wider Focus Range

The flash's focal length affects the angle of light emission. Generally the smaller the focal length, the wider the light emission angle, and vice versa. The NW420 can be manually or automatically zoomed from 24mm to 105mm, providing a wider flash coverage range, allowing for efficient use of light based on the actual shooting conditions.

  • Soft Light Accessories for Light Shaping
When you need to disperse and modify the light, various accessories are often used with the flash, such as color gels, catchlight panels, soft boxes and diffusers, to achieve a softened effect and highlight shadows in your images. Once paired with the NW420 flash, accompanied by a softbox, wide-angle diffuser, or catchlight panel, you can effortlessly create naturally soft and appealing visual effects.
  • Flexible Rotating Flash Head

Bouncing flash is commonly used when using a flash for photography. This technique captures images by utilizing the reflected light. Through reflection, the light diffuses, resulting in a soft and natural effect. The flexible rotation of the flash head (horizontally -90° to 180°, and vertically -7° to 90°) enables the flash to provide various fill-in lighting angles.

  • Built-in 2.4G Q System
The NW420 incorporates the NEEWER Q system, featuring 3 groups (A/B/C), 32 channels (CH1-CH32), and 99 IDs (1-99). It supports wireless transmission up to a distance of 20m, allowing for master and slave control, wireless group remote control, and remote sync triggering. It can also control all at once other flashes equipped with the built-in NEEWER Q system for more efficient shooting.


NW420-C/NW420-N/NW420-S are respectively compatible with Canon/Nikon/Sony cameras, featuring a quick hot shoe installation and compatibility with multiple models from the three camera brands. Equipped with a refined flash head and optimized Fresnel lens, it can focus better and provide uniform illumination in all directions.With the NW420 flash, you can quickly and easily create natural and beautiful lighting.


Flash Index

GN36(M/IOS 100 105mm)

Flash Coverage Range

Manual Zoom 24-105mm, Auto Zoom

Flash Duration


Recycle Time

Approximately 0.1-2.2 s

Sync Triggering

Hot shoe, S1/S2, 2.4G Wireless

Exposure Control System


Flash Exposure Compensation

Manual, flash exposure bracketing: adjustable in ±3 stops, 1/3-stop increments

Sync Modes

High-speed sync (up to 1/8000 second), first-curtain sync, second-curtain sync

Strobe Frequency

90 times; 90Hz

Radio Transmission (2.4G)

Q Series; Wireless Master/Slave/OFF; transmission distance ≤100m

Radio Channels


Radio Transmission Distance


Optical Transmission Distance


AF Assist Range

Center: 0.6-4m, Edge: 0.6-2.5m

Full Power Flashes

Approximately 210 flashes

Sleep Mode

Automatically power off after 90 seconds of inactivity; enter sleep mode after 60 minutes when set as a slave unit

Flash Head Angles

-90°-180° Horizontally; -7°-90° Vertically




150 x 64 x 39mm

July 03, 2023

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