In the realm of professional photography and videography, lighting stands as the silent maestro orchestrating the visual symphony. The NL-500ARC 24" 120W Ultra-Thin Bi-Color Round LED Light emerges as a luminary force, integrating cutting-edge technology, customizable lighting, remote control convenience, and a dual power supply design. Let's delve into the quintessential features that make the NL-500ARC a stellar choice for capturing moments with precision and brilliance.

1. Edge-Lit Brilliance - Transformative LED Technology

At the core of NL-500ARC's brilliance lies its utilization of edge-lit LED technology. The 120W ultra-slim round light panel is engineered to redefine how light is harnessed for photography. With a maximum illumination of 10,000lux at 0.5m and 3,000lux at 1m, this round light is not just a source of illumination; it's a transformative tool for portraits, weddings, children's photography, product shoots, and vlogs. The strategically placed vents surrounding the robust aluminum shell enhance heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance while protecting the light from overheating during prolonged usage.

2. Radiant Flexibility - Adjustable Lighting and Intuitive LCD Panel

Equipped with an impressive array of 234 cool white and 234 warm white LEDs, the NL-500ARC delivers a vibrant and versatile lighting experience. Offering a broad spectrum of color temperatures from 2500K to 8500K and a dimming range from 1% to 100%, this round light adapts seamlessly to diverse shooting scenarios. The High CRI of 97+ and TLCI of 97+ guarantee impeccable color rendition, capturing the essence of subjects authentically. The addition of an LCD panel provides an intuitive interface, displaying clear readings for easy adjustments to brightness and color temperature.

3. Wireless Mastery - 2.4G Remote and DMX Control

Embrace the convenience of wireless control with the included 2.4G remote. By synchronizing the round light and the remote on the same channel, users gain command over turning the lights on/off, adjusting color temperature, and modifying brightness. The 2.4G remote operates seamlessly within an impressive open range of 164 feet (50 meters), providing photographers and videographers with the freedom to fine-tune lighting settings remotely. Additionally, the DMX stage lighting control interface adds a layer of versatility, compatible with most DMX consoles for advanced control in professional setups.

4. Powerhouse Performance - Dual Power Supply Design

The NL-500ARC embraces a dual power supply design to cater to diverse shooting environments. For indoor use, connect the light to a standard wall outlet using the included AC adapter. When venturing into outdoor photography, leverage the V-mounting plate on the back to power the light using a V-mount battery or two NP-F batteries (F2-BP converter required, not included). This flexibility ensures that the NL-500ARC remains a reliable companion in any setting, be it a studio or the great outdoors.

5. Comprehensive Package - Everything You Need for Brilliance

The NL-500ARC doesn't just stop at delivering exceptional lighting; it comes as a complete package for convenience and portability. The comprehensive contents include the 24" 120W LED Round Light, a 2.4G Wireless Remote Control (batteries not included), a Power Adapter, a Power Cable, and a Carrying Bag. This thoughtful inclusion ensures that users have everything they need to unleash creativity without constraints.