In the realm of professional lighting, the Neewer NL660S LED Bi-Color Panel Light stands as a beacon of innovation, offering creators a powerful tool to illuminate their vision. With 660 dimmable LEDs, a solid build, LCD screen precision, easy light modification features, and travel-friendly design, the NL660S is poised to redefine the way photographers, content creators, and filmmakers approach their craft. Let's delve into each facet that makes the NL660S an indispensable addition to any lighting arsenal.

1: Customizable Brilliance - 660 Dimmable LEDs for Precision Lighting

At the heart of the NL660S's brilliance are its 330 white and 330 yellow LEDs, providing a dynamic color temperature range from tungsten to daylight (3200K to 5600K). This bi-color capability opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing creators to adapt to various environments and moods seamlessly. The full dimming range from 0 to 100% ensures precise control over the intensity of the light, catering to a variety of creative requirements. With two intuitive knobs, adjusting settings becomes a quick and accurate process. The high CRI of 96+ ensures faithful color reproduction, guaranteeing convincing and true-to-life results in every frame.

2: Elegance in Form - Solid Build and LCD Screen Precision

The NL660S is not just a powerhouse in function; it boasts a solid build that enhances its overall elegance. Encased in a black aluminum alloy casing, the light exudes sturdiness while maintaining a discreet and sophisticated appearance. This design choice ensures that the NL660S harmonizes seamlessly with any home interior or professional studio setup. Adding to its sophistication is an easy-to-read LCD screen that displays real-time readings of brightness, color temperature, and battery level. This screen not only aids in precise adjustments but also keeps creators informed about the light's status at all times.

3: Crafting the Perfect Light - Easy Light Modification Features

The NL660S takes light modification to the next level with its U-mount bracket, providing a 360° range of beam angle adjustment. This feature allows creators to precisely direct the light where it's needed, ensuring optimal illumination for every scene. The four-leaf barn doors further enhance customization by enabling users to open and close them to modify beam spread as needed. Additionally, a detachable white diffuser accompanies the NL660S, softening the light source for balanced and flattering illumination. This combination of features empowers creators to sculpt light according to the specific demands of their creative vision.

4: Uninterrupted Power - Dual Power Source Options

Flexibility is at the core of the NL660S's design, evident in its dual power source options. The light can be powered through mains via the included AC adapter, ensuring a reliable and consistent power source for studio use. For photographers and videographers on the move, the NL660S supports one or two NP-F Li-ion batteries (not included), providing the freedom to operate cordlessly. This versatility makes the NL660S an ideal companion for both studio setups and on-location shoots, ensuring uninterrupted creativity in any setting.

5: Creativity on the Move - Travel-Friendly Design

Understanding the needs of creators constantly on the move, Neewer has designed the NL660S with a travel-friendly ethos. The light comes with a large and heavy-duty zippered carrying bag, providing a safe and organized space for both the light and its accessories during transportation. This design element caters to the needs of photographers, content creators, and filmmakers who require a portable lighting solution without compromising on quality. The NL660S ensures that creativity knows no bounds, whether in the studio or on the road.