1. Unleash Vibrancy: NK800 RGB Softbox Lighting for Captivating Photography

Photography is an art of capturing moments, and the NK800 RGB Softbox Lighting brings a new dimension to your creative endeavors. With FCC/IC/UL certified bulbs, this lighting kit is designed to deliver premium RGB LED illumination, ensuring your photos and videos stand out with vibrant colors.

2. Masterful Lighting Control: Elevate Your Craft with NK800 Intelligent App Control

Step into the future of lighting control with the NEEWER App, providing an intelligent and intuitive interface to command your NK800 RGB Softbox Lighting. From 36000 color options to 9 diverse modes, including CCT, HSI, and FX, this app empowers you to customize and experiment, unleashing your artistic vision effortlessly.

3. Color Precision: NK800 Softboxes Deliver Pro-Grade CRI93+/TLCI98+ Performance

Witness the accuracy of color reproduction with NK800's CRI93+/TLCI98+. Whether you are engaged in live streams or studio photography, these softboxes ensure that the hues and tones are faithfully represented, providing a professional touch to your visual creations.

4. Durability Meets Design: NK800 Square Softboxes – A Photographer's Delight

Crafted with durability and performance in mind, the 24"x24" square softboxes feature silver interiors for authentic light color and white diffusers for a broad, evenly distributed output. These softboxes are not just tools; they are an essential part of your photographic expression.

5. Portable Brilliance: NK800 Lighting Kit – Your On-the-Go Studio

The NK800 RGB Softbox Lighting kit comes complete with adjustable metal stands that extend up to 7ft, providing the versatility you need for various shooting scenarios. The stands are sturdy yet lightweight, folding up neatly into the included carrying bag. Now, your studio can accompany you wherever your creativity takes you.