Every time you watch a feature film, aren’t you impressed by the smooth camera works that make some scenes intense and full of emotions? These are called camera movements. Camera movements, as the name suggests, are videos shot in motion. They can help video creators transcend storytelling by creating expressive footage. You can take your videos to the next level as well when mastering three basic camera movements: zoom shots, tracking shots, and pan shots.
DL200 Motorized Camera Dolly with App Control, the product we are about to introduce today, is an incredible tool that combines the advantages of a stabilizer and a camera slider for getting desirable camera movements whenever, wherever.

When do you need a motorized camera dolly? The reasons can be plenty: when the space is small, when you don’t want to carry a heavy slider, when you don’t know how to shoot time-lapse videos, when the existing tools can’t do panoramic shooting, or when you don’t want to crouch on the ground for some low-angle shots.

DL200 is convenient to operate. With the NEEWER APP on your phone, you can make the camera move in preset paths, speeds, and distances or take time-lapse videos. It features three modes: Manual Mode for quick adjustment of speed and directions, real-time mode for shooting between two fixed points (A/B), and time-lapse mode for compressing the length of time (shutter cable sold separately).

Zoom Shots

Place DL200 on a flat ground or desk to move the camera forward (zoom-in) or backward (zoom-out).

A zoom-in shot moves the camera closer to the subject at an even speed. As the camera moves, the footage will go through a process from far to near, which is identical to the visual logic that human eyes tend to observe things from distant to near or from whole to details. It draws the audience’s attention to one specific subject and highlights the subject’s facial expressions and gestures and reflects the internal struggle.

A zoom-out shot is in the opposite direction of a zoom-in shot. The camera moves further away from the subject to reveal the surroundings and diversify what is seen. It can help identify the relationships between the subject and its situation.


Tracking Shots

Place DL200 on a flat ground or desk to move the camera sideways for tracking shots.

A tracking shot can be taken when the camera moves from left to right within a certain path. This type of camera movement will provide a perspective of a traveling subject. When shooting static subjects, tracking shots make the subjects pass by in sequence to create a dynamic effect. You can achieve a natural transition by using walls or flowers as a foreground.

Pan Shots

Angle the wheels within 0–70° to achieve smooth pan shots.

Pan shots can best highlight the subject and explain the relationship between the subject and the surroundings. Unique and artistic, pan shots can immerse the audience in the scene and make them resonate with your videos.


Time-Lapse Videos

DL200 also features the time-lapse mode that is long appreciated by professional video makers. With one tap on the button, you can set the direction, traveling length (66–9000cm), shutter speed, frame length, number of shits, and fixed-point shooting (Note: the shutter cable is sold separately).

Time-lapse videos can capture the breathtaking process of flower blossoming, daybreak, and cloud movement.

Compact & Portable

DL200 can be folded into a palm size for space-saving storage and transportation. It can go where you go and help you get ideal shots anytime, anywhere.

Being a compact unit means DL200 can enter small and narrow areas for video recording. The included ball head adapter enables low-angle or overhead shots and flexible angle adjustment for creative shooting.

Smooth Movement

Wheels equipped with high-precision bearings ensure smooth camera movement. And premium motors keep the noise level below 30dB, making sure videos will maintain the genuine ambient sound.

Wide Compatibility

DL200 boasts a load capacity of 6.6lb (3kg) and features a 1/4”-20 screw for phone holders, DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, GoPro action cameras, and other devices—ideal for live streaming, interviewing, advertising, food videos, B-rolls, documentaries, and other purposes. A built-in USB Type-C port can be used for charging and firmware updates.

That’s how you can use DL200 Motorized Camera Dolly for basic camera movements. We believe after relentless practice and experiments, achieving cinematic videos will be no longer difficult.