1. Illuminating Brilliance: Unveiling the 20-inch Bi-color Outdoor Photography Ring Light Kit

Introducing the ultimate tool for professional lighting in any outdoor setting – the 20-inch Bi-color Outdoor Photography Ring Light Kit by Neewer. This comprehensive kit is meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of photographers and content creators, offering an expansive range of features and accessories to elevate your outdoor photography experience.

2. Larger Than Life: The 20-inch 44W LED Ring Light

At the heart of this kit lies the enlarged Neewer Ring Light, boasting an impressive 20-inch diameter and 352 energy-saving SMD LED beads. The ring shape delivers a stunning catch light in the eyes of your subject, creating a bright and sparkling effect. The color temperature, adjustable from 3200k to 5600k, and brightness can be easily controlled using separate knobs, providing you with precise control over your lighting conditions.

3. Powering Your Creativity: Dual Power Options for Versatility

Versatility is key, and the 20-inch Ring Light offers two power options to cater to your specific needs. It supports a DC power adapter for continuous power supply, ensuring consistent performance. Additionally, it accommodates Sony NP-F550/F970 replacement Li-ion batteries, providing the flexibility for wireless and outdoor operation. With two Li-ion batteries and a USB charger included, you can enjoy the convenience of extended shooting sessions without the constraints of power outlets.

4. Complete Control: Accessories for Seamless Operation

This kit comes complete with essential accessories to enhance your shooting experience. The pro heavy-duty metal light stand, adjustable from 36 to 79 inches (92-200 centimeters), provides a stable foundation for your ring light. The ball head adapter facilitates the connection between the camera or phone holder and the ring light, ensuring a secure and adjustable setup. The 360-degree rotatable smartphone holder supports both portrait and landscape modes, offering flexibility in your composition. To top it off, a durable carrying case is included exclusively for the ring light, making it easy to transport and protect your equipment.

5. Endless Possibilities: Unlocking Various Applications

The versatility of the 20-inch Bi-color Outdoor Photography Ring Light opens up a world of creative possibilities. Ideal for personal makeup sessions, makeup tutorials, portrait photography, live shows, video chats, YouTube video shooting, live broadcasts, fashion displays, product displays, tattoo artists, hair salons, beauty shops, and beyond. This ring light is the ultimate companion for any outdoor photography or videography endeavor, ensuring you have the perfect lighting solution for every scenario.