Diverse Filter Kit: A Palette for Creativity

The Phone Clip On Filters kit is a comprehensive set designed to elevate your mobile photography to new heights. With four graduated color filters (red, orange, yellow, and blue), 1x Circular Polarizing (CPL) filter, 1x Neutral Density (ND32) filter, and 1x 6-point star filter, this kit provides a versatile palette for creative expression. The included lens clip, featuring an aluminum frame, ensures secure filter installation, making it an essential accessory for any smartphone photographer.

Circular Polarizing Filter: Removing Unwanted Reflections

The Circular Polarizing (CPL) filter in this kit empowers you to remove unwanted reflections from surfaces like water and glass. This effect is particularly useful for increasing the contrast and saturation of blue skies and white clouds. By rotating the CPL filter, you can control the intensity of the polarization, allowing you to achieve the desired visual impact in your photos. This invaluable tool transforms ordinary scenes into captivating compositions, adding a professional touch to your mobile photography.

Neutral Density Filter: Mastering Light Control

The ND32 filter included in the Phone Clip On Filters kit is a key player in mastering light control. By reducing 5 stops of light entering the camera sensor without altering the color, this filter provides the flexibility to use a slower shutter speed for creative photography or a wider aperture for achieving a shallower depth of field. Whether you're capturing motion in dynamic scenes or focusing on selective details, the ND32 filter opens up new possibilities for experimentation and innovation in your mobile photography.

Star Filter: Adding Radiance to Lights

Transform ordinary point light sources into dazzling stars with the 6-point star filter. This unique accessory adds six rays of light radiating outward from strong point light sources in your images. Ideal for capturing the brilliance of street lights, automotive headlights, reflections on water surfaces, candle lights, and other highlights, the star filter injects a touch of magic into your mobile photography. Elevate your night photography and highlight the beauty of light sources with this captivating and creative tool.

Graduated Color Filters: Mood-Changing Magic

The four graduated color filters made of resin and double-threaded design are the perfect tools for changing the mood of your photos. Stackable and versatile, these filters allow you to add color selectively to different parts of your images without affecting the color balance in other areas. Ideal for smartphone or camera landscape photography, as well as sunrise and sunset photography, the graduated color filters bring a burst of vibrancy to your compositions, allowing you to express your creativity and capture the essence of the moment.