1. Premium RGBWW Light Wand

Step into the world of premium lighting with the NEEWER BH30S Light Wand, a versatile tool designed for professional video recording, portraits, vlogging, creative shooting, and live streaming. This handheld tube light boasts a sophisticated combination of 80 RGB LEDs, 84 cold white LEDs, and 84 warm white LEDs, ensuring a broad and balanced light output with exceptional color accuracy, thanks to its impressive CRI of 97+ and TLCI of 97+.

2. Touchable Color Mixer & Scene Modes

The BH30S takes customization to the next level with its touchable color mixer and scene modes. Offering a wide color temperature range from 2500K to 10000K, this light wand allows precise tuning to suit all skin tones. The RGBWW technology opens up a palette of 36000 colors by skillfully mixing hues, saturation, and intensity. The color mixer simplifies color selection with a single touch and features a settings lock to prevent accidental changes. Additionally, 18 special scenes, including Music Sync, offer unique visual effects to enhance your creativity.

3. Advanced App & 2.4G Remote Control

Experience unprecedented control with three convenient methods. The Infinity App Control enables smart group remote control for over 255 lights, with the added perk of Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware upgrades within a 49ft (15m) range. The 2.4G Control eliminates the need for pairing when controlling multiple lights of different models—simply set them to the same channel and control them all simultaneously within a 66ft (20m) radius. On-Board Control provides quick adjustments through physical buttons and the touchable RGB color mixer.

4. PD Fast Chargeable Battery

Equipped with a 7.7V/31Wh (4150mAh) rechargeable lithium battery, the BH30S ensures uninterrupted illumination. Its USB Type C port supports 9V/2A PD fast charging, allowing the light wand to be fully charged in just 3.5 hours via USB power adapters or portable chargers. The fast-charging capability ensures you spend more time creating and less time waiting.

5. Diverse Mounting Methods

Versatility takes center stage as the BH30S offers multiple mounting methods. A 1/4" thread seamlessly connects the light wand to most tripods, providing stability for various shooting scenarios. The removable handle adds a layer of convenience, allowing for handheld illumination from different perspectives. Tilt it at 180° for optimal angles and effortlessly attach the BH30S to any light stand with the standard 5/8" stud.