Upgraded RGB Version-C80: A Palette of Color Precision

Enter the realm of vivid and accurate color rendering with the Upgraded RGB Version-C80 LED video light. With an impressive High CRI of 97+, this light ensures that your colors are not only vibrant but also true to life, creating high-definition visual effects that captivate the viewer. The adjustable hue, saturation, and brightness settings, with a powerful 20W output, grant you unparalleled control over the lighting environment. From subtle tones to bold hues, the C80 empowers creators to paint their scenes with precision and finesse, making it the ideal companion for diverse applications such as gaming, YouTube video shooting, live broadcasting, and portrait photography.

Supports App and 2.4GHz Control: Wireless Mastery Unleashed

Embrace the future of lighting control with the C80's support for mobile phone app wireless control operation. The LED video light introduces a level of flexibility and convenience that transforms your creative process. With the ability to set up to 8 light groups and connect up to 255 lights to the same group for wireless networking, the C80 ensures seamless coordination in complex lighting setups. Save and easily access 2 groups of preset light settings through the app's Favorites feature. The dual control options, including 2.4GHz wireless mode for group control without a mobile phone, give you unparalleled freedom to command your lighting environment effortlessly.

Flexible and Rollable Design: Innovation in Illumination

The C80 RGB Light takes lighting design to new heights with its flexible and rollable cloth design, leveraging the latest in LED technology. With a remarkably slim panel thickness of only 0.28"/7mm, this light becomes an adaptive tool in your creative arsenal. The 120 energy-saving LED beads (40 warm white + 40 cold white + 40 RGB) deliver a color temperature range from 2500K to 8500K. Accompanied by a maximum illuminance of 2200 lux at 0.5m, the C80 produces natural and beautiful lighting, ensuring even illumination for stunning visual results. Adjust the lighting angle effortlessly to suit your vision, thanks to the innovative design that prioritizes flexibility and ease of use.

Dual Power Options: Uninterrupted Creativity, Anywhere

The C80 RGB Light embraces versatility with dual power options, adapting to your shooting environment with ease. For indoor studio shooting, use a power adapter (not included) to ensure continuous and reliable power supply. When venturing outdoors, the included NP-F550 Li-ion battery becomes your reliable companion, providing the freedom to shoot in any location without being tethered to power sources. This dual power flexibility ensures that your creative endeavors are never limited by the constraints of your surroundings.

Easy to Mount: Seamless Integration into Your Setup

Ease of use meets practicality with the C80 RGB Light's easy mounting capability. The included mini ball head adapter allows you to effortlessly mount the flexible LED light on your camera or a light stand. This feature ensures convenient light positioning, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot without worrying about complicated setups. Note that the camera and light stand are not included, underlining the C80's commitment to adaptability within your existing equipment.