1. Tailored Brilliance: Exclusivity with NEEWER RGB1200 LED Light Panel

Embark on a journey of precision lighting with the NS5S Upgraded Softbox Diffuser, an exclusive companion designed solely for the NEEWER RGB1200 LED video light panels. This tailored compatibility ensures that your lighting setup reaches new heights, making it ideal for diverse applications such as portraits, product photography, beauty shoots, weddings, and the creation of captivating YouTube videos.

2. Effortless Elegance: Quick Setup and Light Tight Blackout Hood

Experience the epitome of simplicity with the NS5S softbox diffuser, featuring a quick setup that eliminates the need to remove barndoors before installation. The softbox can be effortlessly attached inside the barn doors directly, streamlining your workflow. An integrated blackout hood along the outer edge prevents any light leakage, offering a light-tight solution without the need for additional installations. The result? A hassle-free setup that enhances your focus on the creative process.

3. Unwavering Stability: More Secure Attachment with Upgraded Straps

Enjoy unwavering stability during your shoots, thanks to the upgraded design featuring durable elastic straps adorned with buckles and hook & loop fasteners. These enhancements ensure a secure and snug fit around the light panel and the four-way barndoors. Bid farewell to unwanted shifting during use, empowering you to create without interruptions and with utmost confidence in your lighting setup.

4. Illuminating Precision: Soft & Natural Lighting with Diffuser & Grid

Revel in the artistry of soft and natural lighting facilitated by the NS5S softbox diffuser. Its highly reflective and evenly coated silver internal surface broadens and enhances light diffusion while meticulously maintaining color accuracy. The included white diffuser, adept at softening harsh glare and eliminating unwanted shadows, takes your lighting to the next level. With the added honeycomb grid, the focus of light becomes a soft, well-defined portrait lighting effect, offering greater directional control over your output.

5. On-the-Go Brilliance: Foldable and Portable Design

Flexibility meets convenience with the NS5S Upgraded Softbox Diffuser, designed for seamless outdoor shooting. Each component is crafted with foldability and portability in mind. The 14.6"x13.6" / 37x34.5cm square softbox, weighing a mere 24.3oz / 690g, becomes your lightweight companion. The inclusion of a carrying bag further elevates the convenience, ensuring that your lighting solution is always ready for transport, no matter where your creativity takes you.