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This stabilizer is a video stabilizing system designed to reduce shake and stabilize video on cameras and camcorders. It takes away both the pain of the huge price tag that comes with the traditional steady cam rigs, and also greatly reduce the time consuming to prepare for shooting as it has a simple operation.

Besides, this stabilizer has a light weight and a stable performance with its skilful design. It is mainly made of lightweight aluminum which manufactured from the highest quality materials, and you can shoot stably for a long time after equipping with a professional camera, which not only reduces the burden on the photographer but also enhance the effect of shooting. It is very suitable for shooting of outdoor trip, family party, company publicity etc.


  • Aluminium alloy material, light and durable
  • Arc-shaped design, labor-saving and simple use
  • With 3 Stainless steel weights, easily to increase or decrease
  • Soft handle, comfortable for grabbing
  • Durable ABS material plate, protect digital camera from damage
  • Built-in Spirit levels, easily to confirm whether your camera is balanced
  • Light weight and simple operation
  • 360° turnable handles, changing the direction optionally


  • Capacity Range: up to 1 Kg
  • Fit Devices: DC, DV, IPhone (Mount adapter needed)