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An useful flash light holder/mount for your cameras that is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of hot shoe flashes. Versatile and easy to use, this mount will help you achieve the photo quality that you desire.


  • Hot Shoe flash mount on top makes it easy to mount a Hot-Shoe Flash/Slave Sensor/Receiver
  • Hot Shoe Size can be adjusted (17-23mm)
  • There is a 5/8" socket to mount a flash unit to a light stand
  • Able to adjust the umbrella and flash in different angles
  • 1/4"-3/8" screw adapter at the bottom makes it easy to attach to a light stand and standard tripod
  • The holder has a 5/8" Spigot stud socket at the bottom that can be connected to studio light stand
  • Lamp holders support different lighthouse joints


  • Suitable for: All hot-shoe flashes except Sony and Minolta Brands
  • Material: Aluminum, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
  • Dimensions: 10.7cm
  • Maximum load: 3kg
  • Weight: 6oz