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Neewer® Strobe Studio Flash Light Kit 900W - Photographic Lighting - Strobes, Barn Doors, Light Stands, Triggers, Umbrellas, Soft Box (US)

  • Professional Studio Lighting Kit 900W
  • This professional kit is perfect for advertising products, photo-art, industrial, scientific and technical photography and much more!
  • 100% BRAND NEW
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Three 300W lights and tons of accessories
THREE (3) Professional Studio Strobe Lights: 300DI, with their own 75-watt modeling lights.
This strobe is typically used for background, fill, or highlighting.
300DI is equipped with buzz function.
The modeling lamp can be adjusted from full to proportion. With pre-flash system, it can fire on the second flash in sync.
High quality barn door with honeycomb 4 Color Gels (Translucent, blue, red, yellow)
Four (4) color gels to allow you to have different background colors.
One (1) Honeycomb designed to give you ultimate control on the direction of your light.
Soft box: A soft box is an essential piece of kit for the photographic studio utilizing continuous or flash lighting, creating even, natural, diffused light distribution and eliminating extreme highlights and hotspots.
Black/Silver Umbrella:
This is Neewer 33" (84 cm), Sliver/Black Backing Umbrella. Silver umbrellas are used to bounce light onto a subject.
A wireless radio 16-channel trigger set comes in the package.
Three Professional Duty Aluminum Light Stands.
To give you a place to attach your Softbox, the kit includes two lightweight heavy duty aluminum stands that extend to 190cm.
Lamp Modules The 300DI produces a superb light that will bathe your subjects in a variety of lighting effects.
These are very high quality professional strobes that will give you years of service.

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