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  • New Professional Studio Lighting Kit 360W
  • This is a brand new 180ws Flash Strobe (master/slave strobe). It could be triggered by a flash, infrared and sync cord (included). It also comes with a test button and variable dial for power setting from 1/8 to full.
  • The Studio Light is providing you with a Continues Lamp and Flash Function
  • It will work as main light, back light or hair light and comes with an easy-to-use umbrella holder.

Note: Input voltage:110-130V

Black/Silver Umbrella:
This is an 33" (84 cm), Silver/Black Backing Umbrella. Silver umbrellas are used to bounce light onto a subject. They provide softening, with a harder shadow than a regular white umbrella. Light loss is usually ~1.5 f/stop compared to the same light used direct, bare light. The black backing cuts down on stray light.

Wireless Radio 16-Channel Trigger:
Wireless radio 16-channel trigger set in the package which is the best tool for supporting camera-flash synch solution. A transmitter sets on the camera, while the receiver plugging into the flash's sync socket. By the 16-Channel, it can trigger multi-flash light synchronously.

TWO Professional Duty Aluminum Light Stands.
To give you a place to attach your Softbox, the kit includes two lightweight heavy duty aluminum stands that extend to 190cm. We utilized reinforced brace supports, and heavy-duty, riveted joints, to help ensure maximum stability and security. The three reinforced legs spread wide to prevent the stand from getting tipsy. The three stands are light-weight and extremley portable they fold down to less than 36.These are top quality heavy duty stands that more than adequately support the strobe units in this kit.

Package Contents

  • 2 x 180W Strobe light
  • 2 x 75W Modeling bulb
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Sync Cord
  • 2 x Light Stand (Max: 190cm Height)
  • 2 x 33" Black/Silver Umbrella
  • 1 x 16 Channel Radio Studio Trigger + 1 Receiver Set

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