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Neewer 6.6"/16.8cm Aluminum Alloy Honeycomb Grid Set(10 30 50 Degree) with 7" Standard Reflector Diffuser for Bowens Mount


  • 7" standard reflector with 10 30 50 degree honeycomb grid for bowens mount studio light strobe.
  • It narrows down the spread of light from your fixture and reflector,providing a dramatic effect.
  • It alters the shape and light output of the reflector by tunneling the light forward into a narrower beam.
  • Includes three grids with a different degree of light-throw,gives you a very narrow 10 30 50 degree beam of light,perfect for an accent light or spot.
  • Honeycomb grid could be easily removed and attached.Note:The light is Not included.

Note:The light is Not included.
Be sure to measure the inner diameter of your reflector,if it's 6.6" / 16.8cm,then you should be in good shape.

Use of a grid will result in a small circle of light,when it is attached to the front of your light source.
It alter the shape and intensity of the light output from your flash heads.
It centralizes the shape of the light and makes the photo more perfect.
Helps you control your light more precisely:this honeycomb grid,which will fit standard 7" grid reflector,gives you a very narrow 10° 30° 50° beam of light, perfect for an accent light or spot.
The grid offers slightly increased contrast, directionality and spill light control.It's an ideal tool for achieving Rembrandt-like lighting effects.
Give precision control to your lights,this will allow the user to aggressively manipulate light-throw at angles of 10°30°50°.
The size of the circle of light will be determined by the density of the honeycomb, its thickness and the distance of the subject.
Suitable range:portrait, art, wedding studio, pets, flowers, stationary goods, etc


Material:Aluminum Alloy
Thickness:about 0.5"/13mm
Diameter:6.6"/16.8cm(For 7" Standard Reflector Dish)

Package Including:

1 x 10 Degree Honeycomb Grid
1 x 30 Degree Honeycomb Grid
1 x 50 Degree Honeycomb Grid
1 x 7" Standard Reflector for Bowens Mount

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