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Neewer Three Collapsible Gold/Silver Panel Reflectors Kit with Light Stand and Carrying Bag for Studio Individual or Group Portrait Photography


  • The kit included:(2)31.5"/80cm Gold/Silver Reflector+(1)23.62"/60cm Gold/Silver Reflector+(2)31.5"/80cm Crossbar+(1)27.56"/70cm Crossbar+(2)Connection Joints+(1)78.74"/200cm Light Stand+(1)Carrying Bag
  • The portrait reflector kit is a highly versatile kit that allows three panels reflectors to be individually positioned around the model to give the desired lighting effect.
  • Gold/Silver Reflector:The silver side is very reflective and brightens both shadows and highlights,but does not change the color of the available light.The gold side works basically the same way,while adding a warmer color to the image.
  • The crossbar is made from aluminum alloy,which can hold the reflector.The two rubber grips hold on to the rim of the reflector.The connection joints can connect three crossbars together,makes reflector frame stable.
  • 78.74"/200cm Light Stand:Made by the standard 1/4" screw thraed and constructed from aluminum alloy,giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work.It is also of light weight and can be folded into a small size,making it portable and easy to store after use.Comes with a convenient carrying case,easy to take and storage euipment.

The kit is a must have for studio or outdoor photography.
It is a helpful for photographer to take photos without an assistant to hold reflectors.

(1)Reflector Kit
The reflectors can be collapsed into a portable size for travel or storage,best for photographers on the go.
Easy to swivel reflectors in multiple directions for desired effects.
Silver Reflector:a more bright effect,also could be used under overcast sky
Gold Reflector:make soft and warm tone
The croosbar is made from aluminium alloy,can offer a sturdy support to hold reflector disc
Connection Joints:Connect three crossbars together and enable to adjust the height,angle and other positioning.
Easy to setup,use and adjust.

(1)78.74"/200cm Light Stand
This high quality light stand is the perfect item for the professional studio.
Its solid locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use.
It can be used with reflectors,boom stands,continuous lights,strobe flash lights and backgrounds.
Material:Aluminum Alloy
Maximum Height:78.74"/200cm

(1)Carrying Bag
Heavy-duty carry bag:Provides you convenience to carry the kit anywhere.

Package Included:
2 x 31.5"/80cm Gold/Silver Reflector
1 x 23.62"/60cm Gold/Silver Reflector
2 x 31.5"/80cm Crossbar
1 x 27.56"/70cm Crossbar
2 x Connection Joints
1 x 78.74"/200cm Light Stand
1 x Carrying Bag

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