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  • Use it stand alone or simply zip on whichever surfaces you wish to use to changes the lighting effect as you will.
  • You can use it outdoor or in the studio, this professional reflector allows you complete lighting control in a really neat and simple way
  • Built-in accessory loop allows you to hold, hang or mount, and when you finished, a simple twist instantly folds it right down to almost 1/3 size.
  • Comes with a handy storage case so that you can take it anywhere you like
  • Shape: Round
  • Size open: 22" (60cmX60cm)
  • Size collapsed: 8" (20 cm) round
  • Total 5 colors interface freely choose: gold, silver, translucent, black and white
    • Silverfor contrast
    • Blackblock out unwanted light, or create dramatic lighting effects
    • Goldcreates a sunset effect that makes warm and soft skin tones that are suitable for portraiture
    • Whiteproduces a very soft, almost shadowless reflected light
    • Translucentfor softer lighting without shadow