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Neewer® TT850 *LI-ION BATTERY* Flash Charger Kit for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus and all other DSLR CAMERAS with Standard Hotshoe- Includes: TT850 Flash + Wireless Trigger + 2 Li-ion Batteries + AC Charger + Car Charger + Hard & Soft Flash Diffuser + Lens Cap Holder

Bullet Points:

650 Full Power POPS with single Li-ion battery! 1.5s Recycle time!(World's First Li-ion Battery Powered Speedlite Flash!)

Professional Lithium battery ultra-high capacity batteries- 2000mAh each : Faster, Longer and More Portable.

The Receiver is a must-have accessory for TT850 lithium powered portable flash. It transforms the Flash into a wireless flash with remote power control

Kit includes:LI-ION BATTERY TT850 Flash + Wireless Trigger + 2 Li-ion Batteries + AC Charger + Car Charger + Hard & Soft Flash Diffuser + Lens Cap Holder

Backed with Neewer 6-Month 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

- Neewer *LI-ION BATTERY* Flash

-GN(m ISO 100):58(1/1 ZOOM 105mm)

-Flash Duration:1/300s-1/20000s

-Color Temperature:5600K±200K

-Bounce Flash:Vertical: -7°-90 horizontal: 0-360°

-Flash Mode:M, S1/S2, RPT, HSS

-Manual Focus:24/28/35/50/70/80/105mm

-Output Ratio:1/1-1/128, OF(1/3 as a stop,22steps)

-RPT Mode:1-199Hz,2-100s

- Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus or other type camera with standard hot shoe.

- LCD Wireless Flash Trigger for TT850
- Operating Distance:up to 50meters.
- Max. synchronize speed: 1/250 sec.
- Set power ratios of up to 16 groups of remote flashes.
- Two modes of power ratio display

-With Neewer FT-16S, wireless control flash power on/off, focus assist beam on/off, buzz on/off, flash triggering etc.

- Li-ion polymer Battery
- Capacity: Li-ion (22Wh) DC 11.1V / 2000mAh - Battery Life (full power flashes with NEEWER TT850): Approx. 650s.
- Charging time 2.5 hours with AC charger, 4 hours with Car charger.

- AC Charger:Smart LED charging status indicator displys how many juice the battery ha; Short circuit protection.
- Car Charger:4 Hour's charging time;Use built-in USB port, also suitable to charge your mobile devices, e.g. iphone, ipad, etc.

- Flash Diffuser
- Soft Flash Diffuser:spreads and softens the light emitted from your flash unit,bouncing off ceilings and walls, instead of coming from a single concentrated light source.
- Hard Flash Diffuser:Reduces and softens harsh shadows behind subject and eliminates red eye effect which makes the light looks more balanced and natural.

- Lens Cap Holder
- Small button sticks to the front of your lens cap;fits snuggly around the circumference of your lens.

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