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  • High Power - up to 360w/s, GN 85 (m ISO 100, with AS-S2 standard reflector)
  • Bare bulb - providing even and sufficient illumination
  • Precise Output - adjusting from full power to 1/128 in 1/3 stop increments
  • Good Portability - compact size and light weight body & accessories
  • Stable Color Temp - 5600±200k over the entire power range
  • Advanced Function - incl. Multi flash, Focus-assist beam on/off & High-speed sync triggering
  • Wireless Commander - controlling flash functions and triggering
  • Large Electricity - drawing from external power pack (PB960: 11.1V/4500mAh)
  • Wide-Range Accessories - incl. softbox, reflector, fold-up umbrella, and beauty dish, etc)

AD360 Portable Flash Light:
Max. Power:360W/S
Guide No. (m ISO 100)85 (m ISO 100, with standard reflector) 
Approx.28mm flash coverage operating on a camera with standard reflector
Vertical Rotatio Angle-15° - 90°
Horizontal Roatation Angle0 - 270°
Power Supplypower pack (PB960, PB820)
Flash Times900 (with PB960 power pack)
Recycle TimeApprox. 0.05 - 2.6s (with PB960 power pack)
Color Temperature5600k +/- 200k
Flash Duration1/800s - 1/10000s
Dimensions205 x 90 x 70mm (flash tube & reflector not included)
Weight550g (flash tube & reflector not included)

Protection function

Over-Temperature Protection

To avoid overheating and deterioration the flash head, do not fire more than 75 continuous flashes in fast succession at 1/1 full power. After 75 continuous flashes, allow a rest time of at least 10 minutes.

If you fire more than 75 continuous flashes and then fire more flashes in short intervals, the inner over-temperature protection function may be activated and make the recycling time about 10-15 seconds. If this occurs, allow rest time of about 10 minutes, and the flash unit will then return to normal.

When the over-temperature protection is started, is shown on the LCD display. Number of flashes will activate over-temperature protection:

Power Output Level

Number Of Flash(Approx.)









1/16, 1/32


1/64, 1/128