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Softbox SB1520
The softbox comes standard with an adjustable L-Shaped mounting bracket which can fit practically any flash unit. By diffusing the flash lighting, the softbox creates a perfect and even lighting that allows you to capture picture-perfect shots. It will also reduce blemishes and improve skin tone contrast while delivering super rich coloring.

Size: 21*15.2*2.5

Reflector MRF-01
The flash reflector spreads the effects of the flash around the room, and works to soften the light hitting the subject. White diffuser and silver reflector in one panel.

Size: 17x14 cm

Honey comb HC-01

It’s made of black special fabric withhoneycomb-style design. Suitable for special portraits or products shooting,resulting in a different light and dark raster effect.


Color Filters CF-07:

Cut to fit most Flash model. Applicationsare almost endless with the gel color, from color correcting or matchingambient, simulating different kinds of light, special effects, cheating whitebalance and a whole lot more!

Snoot SN3030:

The light beam cloth can be foldedas a beam tube and converge the rays together.

Suitable for creative shooting,highlighting the object.

Size: 31*26.8cm

Speedlite E holder:

Hot shoe flash mount on top make iteasy that you could mount a Hot Shoe Flash/Slave Sensor/Receiver.