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Neewer® Flash Bounce Light Diffuser for Canon 580EXII,Neewer TT520 TT560,NW680,TT850,TT860,NW580/VK750,NW670/VK750 II,NW690/MK950II,NW910/MK910,MK900,YONGNUO YN560I/II/III/IV,YN565EX,YN568EX/EXII


Note:1.This product is not manufactured by Canon.</b>
Note:2.To make the product more universal,you'll receive two diffusers in different size.Each has it's own fitting range. It's normal when one diffuser fits your flash while the
other does not.
Note:3.Flash is not included.

Controlling the light in a photo can be tricky -- first you need a flash to illuminate the subject, but then you get the harsh lighting that a flash unit creates.
Soften the look with a diffuser.
This cap diffuser fits onto Canon 580 EX Speedlite Flash units to create softer shadows and overall lighting.
It's a perfect accessory for taking portraits, wedding shots, and anywhere you want softer light effects and less contrast from sharp shadows.
Simply fit the diffuser over your flash unit and you're ready to go-- no need to figure out where to bounce the flash off of!