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  • Store on the flash unit for travel-- no need to take up extra space in your gear bag!
  • Fits Nikon SB-900 Flash unit
  • Cap Diffuser softens light from flash, eliminating harsh shadows
  • Perfect for portraits, weddings, etc!
  • L: 8.6cm W: 6.1cm H: 3.8cm

Note:Flash is not included

This is a flash diffuser of good quality.
By attaching the diffuser to the flash, it creates a more even and dispersed density of light that produces pictures which look more balanced and natural.
It's a great and sometimes necessary accessory for your camera and flash units to achieve the desired quality and results from your photography.

Suitable for:
Nikon SB900,Neewer NW680,NW685,TT850,TT860,NW580/VK750,NW670/VK750 II,NW690/MK950II NW910/MK910,MK900,MK600 Flash Speedlite

Package Contents:
1 x Flash Diffuser