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  • The filter set includes: (1)PL Filter + (1)ND8 Filter + (1)ND16 Filter. *NOTE: 1. ONLY compatible with DJI OSMO/Inspire 1. * 2. DJI Inspire 1 camera NOT INCLUDED
  • PL filter helps reduce glare and improve image contrast/saturation
  • ND filters effectively reduce the amount of light coming into the sensor without affecting the color, creating wider apertures and longer exposure time and helps to avoid overexposed photos
  • High definition glass for excellent razor sharp optics
  • Lightweight aluminum frame, easy installation and removal

  • Neewer Professional 3-Pack Filter Set for DJI OSMO / Inspire 1 camera is the ideal set for capturing premium aerial videos.
(1)PL Filter:
  • Great for removing unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water.
  • Take richer scenic shots and notice improved clarity in distant objects by cutting through haze and increasing color saturation.
(1)ND8 Filter:
  • Perfect for smoothing out quadcopter video and rolling shutter. It reduces lens flare while shooting into the sun, and tones down highlights on mildly bright days.
(1)ND16 Filter:
  • Can be used to better separate subjects from the background by allowing wider apertures, effectively decreasing depth of field.
  • Designed for filming in very bright conditions, giving you more control over shutter speed.

  • Compatibility: DJI OSMO / Inspire 1
  • Material: HD Glass & Aluminum Alloy
  • PL Filter Weight: 0.2oz / 5.5g
  • ND8/ND16 Filter Weight: 0.1oz / 2.5g
1. ONLY compatible with DJI OSMO/Inspire 1.
2. DJI Inspire 1 camera NOT INCLUDED!

Package Contents:

  • 1*PL Filter
  • 1*ND8 filter
  • 1*ND16 filter

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