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Neewer 67mm Filter Adapter Ring for CanonPowerShot SX30,SX40,SX50 Camera + 3pcs UV/ND8/CPL Filter Set with FilterCarrying Pouch + 67mm Tulip-Shaped Lens Hood + Snap-On Lens Cap + 5-in-1 Cleaning Kit


  • Includes 67mm Filter Adapter Ring for Canon PowerShot SX30,SX40,SX50Camera + Filter Set (UV/ND8/CPL) with Filter Carrying Pouch + Lens Cap + 67mm Tulip-Shaped LensHood + 5-in-1 Cleaning Kit
  • Neewer Adapter Ring for SX30,SX40,SX50 camera is compatible with 67mm lens
  • 67mm Neewer Filter Kit including UV,CPL and ND8,whichdefinitely will serve your varied needs
  • Universal 67mm Camera Tulip-Shaped Lens Hood allowsfor greater versatility
  •  NOTE: Thiskit is compatible with all 67mm lenses. Please verify your camera's lens threadsize before ordering. Your camera's lens thread size will be marked somewhereon the lens barrel or printed underneath your lens cap. This number is alwayspreceded by a "Φ" (diameter) symbol. For example: Φ58 = 58mm lensthread size. Camera is not included in this kit.

67mm Filter Adapter Ring for SX30,SX40,SX50

  • This adapter ring provides a 67mm threadedmount for adding telephoto and wide angle lenses or filters to the front ofyour compatible camera.
  • Extremely solid and lightweight. Specificallydesigned for your camera for a tight and secure fit. No wobbling orcross-threading.
  • A must have accessory to unlock the full potentialof your camera!
67mmFilter Set (UV-CPL-ND8)
  • UV filters reduce haze and improve contrast byminimizing the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light. Especially useful in areas ofhigh altitude or snow, eliminating the undesirable blue cast.
  • CPL filters (Circular Polarizer) are great forremoving unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass orwater. Take richer scenic shots and notice improved clarity in distant objectsby cutting through haze and increasing color saturation.
  • ND8 filter (Neutral Density) reduce the amount oflight reaching the film without affecting the color. Can be used to enableslower shutter speeds.


Tulip-Shaped Lens Hood


  • The addition of a lens hood can help preventflares-those circles of light that can accompany images where a strong lightsource is just outside the frame.
  • Professional tulip shape design (also known as'flower' or 'petal' shape) allows for greater versatility.

Snap-On Lens Cap

  • Easy to use. Quickly attaches to the front of yourcamera lens.
  • Made of high impact plastic for extra durability.

 5-Piece CleaningKit


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