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.Kit includes: (1)ND4/PL Filter, (1)ND8/PL Filter, (1)ND16/PL Filter for Autel X-Star, X-Star Premium Drones;The quadcopter is NOT included

.Premium Material: Made of high definition glass for razor sharp images and videos; Has lightweight aluminum frame for easy installation and removal

.Multi-coated and Precise ND/PL Filters: Help to reduce glare and improve image contrast/saturation
Effectively reduce the amount of light coming into the sensor; Allowing you to have more control of the camera's aperture, exposure time and sensor sensitivity settings

.Various Filter Choices: ND4/PL ND8/PL filter, or ND16/PL filter reduces 2-stop/3-stop/4-stop light without affecting the color and allows wider apertures and longer exposure time and helps to avoid overexposed photos

.Widely Applicated in Reflective Scenes:Taking pictures of falls,fountains,snow,lakes and so forth

Note: These filters can be mounted only when the original filter attached to the Autel X-Star Camera is removed


The Polarized Filter Set 3-Pack (ND4/PL,ND8/PL,ND16/PL) for Drone is specially designed for taking photos or making videos when polarization is needed.The ND4/PL filter is often used on cloudy days or when filming at dusk or dawn.The ND8/PL filter is best used on cloudy/mostly cloudy days when polization is needed.The polarizing aspect of this filter reduces glare and increases color saturation.And the ND16/PL filter used in mostly sunny flying conditions,polarizes the scene for capturing vivid colors on bright sunny days.

With filters of 3 density,it offers you a quite different photography experience through comparing.
Besides, the main body has adopted lightweight aluminum to ensure no issues with the flying of drones and easy for newstarters to install and remove
And the clarity of the photo can be guaranteed with precise filter glass and multi-layered coatings for pristine optics.

These polarized filters are of quite use when taking portrait of reflective scenes,such as falls,fountains,snow,lakes and so forth,which barely can be fixed by photoshop.


Color: Gold
Material: Optical Glass & Aluminum Alloy
Each Filter Weight: 0.20 ounces / 5.6 grams

Package Contents:
1 x ND4/PL Filter
1 x ND8/PL Filter
1 x ND16/PL Filter

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