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Neewer® Complete Neutral Density Filter Kit for Cokin Z Series Filter System, Kit includes: (3)Full ND Filter Set(ND2, ND4, ND8) + (1)Filter Carrying Pouch + (1)Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Bullet Points:

  • Kit includes:(3)Full ND Filter Set(ND2, ND4, ND8) + (1)Filter Carrying Pouch + (1)Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.
  • The kit is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to dramatically improve your shots.
  • The full ND filters(ND2, ND4, ND8)reduce the amount of light reaching the film without affecting the color. Can be used to enable slower shutter speeds.
  • The filter carrying pouch has clear inner lining for quick and easy access.
  • The cleaning cloth is ultra gentle and safe for all lenses.
Full ND Filter Set(ND2, ND4, ND8):
  • Control light and colour directly on your raw images at the time of shooting.
  • Keep the quality of your images without excessive post production work.
  • Same filter for all your lenses by just replacing the adaptor ring.
  • Otate, slide, decentre in all directions for more precision and creativity.
  • Can also be used to better separate subjects from the background by allowing wider apertures, effectively decreasing depth of field.
Filter Carrying Pouch:
  • Hold and protect filters with or without their protective cases.
  • Made of weather resistant nylon material.
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth:
  • Feature special saw tooth pattern edges.
  • Leave zero scratches, streaks or marks.
  • Cleaning Cloth Size: 5.9x5.7"/ 15x14.5cm.

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