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  • Neutral Density(ND) filters can reduce the intensity of light without appreciably changing itscolor.
  • Classic NDfilters have different f-stop reduction numbers and transmittance thusgenerated can be applied for different shooting conditions, such asportraiture, water falls, etc.
  • The NDFader is a compact all-in-one variable neutral density fader filter thatadjusts the amount of light reduction with just the twist of your wrist. Theindex marks on the filter let you know exactly the amount of reduction at aglance. Giving you clear and precise shots at whichever density you are using.


  • Neutraldensity can be adjusted from ND2 to ND400.It is easy to create differentneutral density by rotating the ring front 2-8 stops.
  • Apply slow shutter speed understrong sunlight exposure.
  • Large aperture is available to createdepth of field easily. 
  • Suitable for dynamic screen, waterfalls,streams, waves, etc.
  • Index marks on the edge of filterfor exact adjustment.