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  • The design of gradual decrease of transparency towards the center of the filter allows an emphasis of foregrounds or backgrounds, therefore the boundary between the colored and transparent sections of lens will not become apparent.
  • This filter is mounted on a rotating frame, so you will be able to rotate the coloring at any part of your image.It gives your landscape and skin texture a more colorful touch.

  • Material: 1.5mm Optical Glass, Black Rimmed
  • Frame (Thickness): 6.5mm
  • Gray-area Transmition: 50% average
  • Lens Diameter (mm): 62
  • Suitable for: ALL CAMERAS
  • Color: MATTE Black
  • Anti-Lock Rim: 1mm
Tips: The DIFFERENCE between ND filters & ND Grads
ND filter works via a gray-coated glass. The main function of ND filter is to lower the exposure of the photos when taking photos. It is suitable for taking photo(s) for bright items;
Gradual-ND Filter (ND Grad) is a half-gray filter. It will keep the Color Balance but make contrasts. Suitable for scenery photos with the sky included or photos of the sky. You can turn the filter (glass/frame) to adjust the dirction of gray grads. The brightness of the sky would be lowered by the gray part to make balance with that of the ground. You can also apply this filter to take photos of clouds in the sky.