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  • 12 different color filters for lighting effects and color correction. Cut to fit most Flash model. Includes the largest selection of popular colors for controlling light from your strobes.
  • Provids 12 different color temperature, creating the effect of different light colors.
  • 12 color filters made of high transparent material, the color temperature is stable and the loss is small, lightweight and rugged, a wide range of uses.
  • Use combinations of these fliters to creat different effects, such as cool effects, enhancing skin tone in portraits, color correcting or matching ambient, simulating different kinds of light, cheating white balance etc.
  • Fastened by fastening tape and rubber band, easy to use, included filter holder fits most shoe-mount flashes.


  • Filters size: 1.85x3.03"/47x77mm
  • Fastening tape wrap strap size: 9.33x1.18"/237x30mm
  • Color: Magenta,Red,Dark orange,Light orange,Yellow,Light purple,Purple,Navy blue,Middle blue,Light blue,Dark green,Light green

Note: Flash not included.