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  • This 4-hole 15mm rod raiser clamp is widely used on standard 15mm DSLR/DV support rig system to attach other bracket or device for convenient shoot and recording.
  • It allows front-of-camera accessories (such as a follow focus or matte box) to be used with video DSLR with battery grip or other under-camera accessory.
  • With 4-hole rod raiser clamp, the shoulder pad can be used together with bridge plate and offset clamp.
  • You can adjust the shoulder pad high or attach a second set rod in front of the camera to raise the rods higher.
  • It raises a second set of 15mm rods 30mm from the existing rods.
  • Fits standard 15mm rods, 60mm rails center-to-center distance
  • Made of Aluminum alloy, very solid and durable.
  • Compact and lightweight design.

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Rails center-to-center distance: 60mm
  • Up-to-down center distance: 30mm

Note: Rod Raiser ONLY, other accessories not included.