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Neewer Customized Film Maker System is a handheld camera platform which provides balance, stability and comfort. It is constructed out of high quality heavy duty aluminum materials. It is compatible with compact cameras, SLR cameras, Camcorders and prosumer Camcorders. It is the perfect accessory for amateur / professional filmmakers or videographers. No matter what , when, where you are recording you will always achieve the most steadiest results possible.


  • Shoulder Mount – Working with hand grips, it gives the camera balance and stability and reduces the fatigue to the operator's hands. It can also be uninstalled when needed.
  • Camera Slider – It allows the user to move the camera forward and backward in linear direction and therefore ensuring stable, quality motion pictures.
  • Hand Grips – Set on each side below the system, there are used by the operator to hold the weight of the system and keep the whole system steady against the shoulder.
  • Made of intensive ALUMIUM ALLOY, Lightweight for mobile film-making, suitable for long-hour continuous work
  • Customized design for adding/replacing component(s) in some specialized occasions for film-making
  • Ergonomic design, angle and position adjustments enabled
  • Can be installed with video-capture series of related accessories
  • Suitable for 1/4 "screw-holes digital SLR cameras and camcorders
  • Can be fixed in the camera tripod shooting
  • In accordance with international standards, and can be installed rails (tube diameter 15mm center distance 60mm)


  • Brackets - 90% Alumium Alloy, 5% Stainless Steel, 5% Rubber
  • Rods - 100% Alumium Alloy
  • Handle Grip - 65% Alumium Alloy, 5% Stainless Steel, 30% Rubber

Suitable for: All Video Cameras (esp. HD Video Cameras), DV Camcorders