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Neewer 107 Inch x 12 Yard/2.72M x 11M Photo Studio Portrait Seamless Collapsible Backdrop Background Paper for Photography,Video and Televison (Green)


  • 107 inch x 12 yard background,perfect for television,video production and digital photography.
  • Finished along all edges to prevent tears.
  • Professional quality, fine tooth non-reflecting surface available in an array of vibrant colors.
  • Sturdy cores prevent wrinkles.
  • Single piece seamless design

Ideal for photo background, product shots for internet display or sales, display banners, drafting and decorations.
Single piece seamless design
Simply wipe away any dirt or footprints at the end of your shoot, then roll it back up ready for next time.

Size: 107 Inch x 12 Yard/2.72M x 11M
Color: Green
Material: Paper

Package Contents
1 x Green 107 Inch x 12 Yard/2.72M x 11M Backdrop

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