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Neewer Replacement Battery Grip for HLD-7 Works with BLN-1 Rechargeable Battery for Olympus E-M1 Compact System Cameras

  • Replacement for Olympus HLD-7 battery grip.
  • Works with BLN-1 battery.
  • Specially designed for Olympus E-M1 camera.
  • Additional vertical release button & adjustment dials
  • Ergonomic design for firm grip & increased stability
  • With AC Port, support AC Power Adapter

  • Professional edition with vertical-grip shutter-release button, fore dial, lock button, B-Fn1 button. B-Fn2 button, rear dial and AC access flap.
  • For greater comfort and speed when the camera is vertically upturned.
  • Ergonomically designed for a firm natural grip, greatly improving the overall stability of the camera.
  • Switch the lock button to prevent pushing any buttons unintentionally.
  • An additional BLN-1 battery (not included) can also be slotted into the grip, extending overall battery life for longer shooting times.

  • AC Power: AC-3 AC adaptor
  • Dimension: 128.5*48*57 mm
  • Net Weight: 235g

  • If HLD-7 not installed, please make sure the PBH cap removed to the right place in the camera.
  • Do not touch the junction.
  • Only designated power supply is allowed, otherwise injury, explosion or product failure may happen
  • Use it within acceptable working temperature range for camera.

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