a7, ar7 battery grip, sony battery grip

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2.4GHz wireless channel with is adopted FSK signal model can more efficiently guarantee the speed, distance and stability.

Vertical shooting shutter release.

Two lithium batteries can be put into the grip, with make it have double power.

With AF(auto focus)/MF(manual focus)/AEL(AE lock) functions.

Remotely control the camera shutter from 100 meters away, In the open space, the remotest distance of the remote control can reach 100 meters.

Support screen lock function.

Support lock display mode.

Use low-power LCD screen.

The timer can set delay time, exposure time, time interval and number of shots.

With two wheels which are convenient for operation.

All interface block electrodes and signal pins employ pure and thick metal plating technology that provides perfect contact and conductivity, as well as great performance to resist oxidation.


Battery Grip:

Working voltage: 7.2v - 8.4v

Working current: less than 3A

Working temperature: -20 degree - 70 degree

Applicable battery: NP-FW50 (not included)

Remote Controller:

Working voltage: 3v

Working current: less than 50mA

Working temperature: -20 degree - 70 degree

Applicable battery: two AAA batteries(not included)

Package Contents:

1 x Battery Grip

1 x Remote Controller