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Neewer 180W 5600K Bowens Mount Photo Stuido Flash Speedlite Strobe Light Monolight for Studio, Location and Portrait Photography


This series of studio flash, modeling lights can be set to full brightness or proportional transferred to the appropriate power, as the flash goes off, with a large studio lights with modeling lights the same effect.
With anti-pre-flash function using a pre-flash with the camera can be used to synchronize the light control film.
The quality, reliable, durable, suitable for portrait, fashion, wedding art, advertisement photography, shooting video, etc.
This is a brand new 180ws Flash Strobe (master strobe).
It could be triggered by a flash,infrared and sync cord (included).
It also comes with a test button and variable dial for power setting from 1/8 to full 180w.
The Studio Light is providing you with a Continues Lamp and Flash Function.
It will work as main light, back light or hair light and comes with an easy-to-use umbrella holder.

Flash Output: 180WS
Guide Number(m ISO 100): 45
Color Temperature: 5600±200K
Operating Voltage: AC100V-130V 50-60HZ
Flash Power Control: 1/8-full (stepless)
Modeling Lamp:75WS
Recharging Time: 0.5-3s Flash
Triggering Method: Sync Cord, Slave, Test Button,Flash Trigger
Flash Duration: 1/2000-1/800s
Fuse: 5A

Package Contents:
1 x 180W Strobe light
1 x 75W Modeling bulb