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This receiver is to be attached to external flash. Each receiver works with one flash. You can use as many flashes as you wish as long as you have enough receivers.

How to use:

  • Insert the trig output plug of the receiver into the synch control socket of the strobe.
  • Turn on the power switch of the receiver
  • Adjust the same state for the channel code switch for the transmitter and the receiver
  • Press the test button and the transmitter indicate diameter 2.5 synchronous cable plug into the sync cord jack if the camera has no plug.
  • 16 channels to avoid interference.
  • Power :DC
  • Channel:1(RT-01)/2(RT-02)/4(RT-04)/16(RT-16)
  • Sync socket:6.35mm/3.5mm
  • Outdoor operation distance:about 20-30m
  • Indoor operation distance:about  20M
  • Sync speed:1/200sec
Channel code set:
Except RT-01 model,other models set 2 or 4 code switches on both of the transmitter and receiver.It is applicable to be used only that channel code switches for the transmitter and receiver are adjusted on the same condition.Otherwise it will not prohibit.